March 2020

In times of mandatory social distancing it's more important than ever for corporations of any size to offer digital solutions that guide their customers through their product portfolio without the need for any direct human contact. We work on efficient solutions with our clients to establish those channels and build up brand experience. Social media, website optimisation, chatbots and more marketing instruments can help corporations to manage this difficult situation.


February 2020

beejees.communication [Interactive] is closely associated with RENFOS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in Kochi, India. The cooperation is extremely productive. The joint venture enables both companies to expand our fields of activity disproportionately.

We are able to create applications based on Laravel and open source Content Management System Lavalite® and interactive websites, which for example can match supply and demand or display tour operator data sources just in time. Further applications are available on request.LavaliteRENFOS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

January 2020

We needed many stages of development to use all the current online design possibilities for a web magazine that we published at the beginning of January. Copy the address and observe the possibilities that this interactive design offers. This is done in connection with other channels, social media campaigns and PR measures.
Scenic-Eclipse-OrkneyScenic Eclipse Christening

December 2019

High voltage before printing the new customer magazines MOVE 2020 and CRUISE 2020 for our customer Euro Lloyd. The MOVE magazine is an anniversary issue this year. It is now in its 10th year of uninterrupted publication and is enjoying increasing popularity. Incidentally, both magazines are proof that even print products can achieve a wide reach and lasting effect if they are attractively and interestingly designed.MOVE 2020CRUISE 2020

November 2019

beejees in the antarctic ice land. We are on a cruise with Ponant and explore the region around the Antarctic Peninsula // Meanwhile, the IT department is working on the integration of data from different sources (API, XML files, etc.) to provide more and high quality content to the customers we serve.Pinguin FalklandinselnPinguine Antarktis

October 2019

Christmas and New Year are coming closer. End of the year. All hands, heads and ideas are needed. The flashlights in our photo studio are smoking.Büroleitung Reisebüros Euro LloydMitarbeitershooting ELRPrivate Eye

September 2019

Stuttgart continues to attract tourists from all over the world. This is due to the fact that the cradle of the automobile has been open to visitors for more than 128 years, and this in two of the city's major car museums. beejees.communication has been accompanying the museum's fans since the opening of the Mercedes-Benz Museum in 2006 and has created an informative medium for fans of Mercedes-Benz classics with the relaunch of the website
Mercedes-Benz Museum OldtimerMercedes-Benz Museum Oldtimer

August 2019

Production of Euro Lloyd client magazines MOVE 2020 and CRUISE 2020 have begun. Each year we work together with major tour operators, hotel companies and tourism partners to provide travel agents with a unique loyalty product. Our marketing team is running at full speed and the graphic design department is constantly designing new creative layouts. Do you know we are looking forward to the set of magazines to celebrate their 10th anniversary this year.

MOVE on tourMOVE on tour

July 2019

We present us at the event of the Wizemann area "Tage des offenen Areal" and superordinate topic "Richtung Zukunft". beejees.communication gmbh is resident since 2004 in the Wizemann area. We organized a workshop "Transformation einer Werbeagentur von 1995 bis Heute" about the challenges of a modern advertising agency for visitors of the event. From BASIC Script to Laravel Module, from Print to Audiovisual Media... If you miss the change, you'll soon miss the train. How do you constantly reinvent yourself? Our short clip of the Wizemann Event shows some insights of this event on the Wizemann site.