June 2019

beejees.communication gmbh is part of Wizemann „Tage des Areals“ and we'll have a presentation on 18th July 2019 at Wizemann.space (internal guests only) and a workshop program on 19th July 2019 (open public). Anybody interested in the Wizemann program is invited. You'll find all news at this page Wizemann-Areal/Richtung Zukunft ->.
Wizemann Areal 2019 "Tage des Areal"Wizemann Areal 2019 "Tage des Areal"

May 2019

Intelligent marketing campaigns and highly useful content, means stunning photo galleries, movie sequences and gripping text articles are essentially important to companies, promoting themselves to the public. They are indispensable together with the core products of the business for success. We are looking therefore nonstop for talents to help us with our marketing and content activities. Send your convincing application to jobs@beejees.de

MOVE on tour

April 2019

beejeees.communication agency exists for more then 20 years. We experienced a lot of changes and paradigm shifts in the the media branch. We are looking for support for our team at the moment. We look for a new employee in animated Media, next to our new web developer from Kerala, India. Please send your application to jobs@beejees.de

beejees.communication gmbh

Jaisemon Jacob

March 2019

Photoshoot for a social media campaign at Mauritius: stilllifes at night, model shoot with three models, plus a blog-post. Biggest competition about that assignment was to transport the flash light equipment with soft boxes and beauty dish. We got the perfect result with that equipment. Because of the latest technology that all is not a problem anymore - even for follow-up-orders :-)

Mauritius - FotoshootMauritius - Fotoshoot

February 2019

We widen our product range, skills and preferences with animated design for websites. What’s that? Short video clips and animated slideshows for social media campaigns. We ordered latest Canon EOS Cameras, a set of Rollei mobile photoflash and a professional DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) by Presonus.

First projects startet at the CMT19 travel fair in Stuttgart. Here are some results.

Reichweitensteigerung durch Videoclips und Webanimationen

January 2019

All relevant touristic fairs that are important to our agency are starting at the very first months in the year. As for 2019 we developed and designed the back wall for our partner of the Euro Lloyd travel agency. The CRUISE magazine is printed in time for the start of the cruiseship fair and supports Euro Lloyd travel agency by its disposal. Meanwhile we are coordinating Social Median campaigns and further actions.

Euro Lloyd Messeauftritt CMT 2019CRUISE Magazin 2019 Page 5

December 2018

Right to the start of the touristic fair CMT in Southern Germany the latest issue of the MOVE magazine will be supplied in due time. If you take a look at the magazine you'll find information about the most important tour operators, high-class hotel chains and all kind of extraordinary tourism partners. For years the high standard of the MOVE magazine is one of the most important marketing tools of the Euro Lloyd travel agency and is also one of the reasons of their success in the last couple of years.

MOVE Magazin 2019

November 2018

We put up the successful  Mercedes-Benz Passion blog pages with Googles AMP Technology (Accelerated Mobile Pages) on a technological base that accelerate the page loading process and influences the ranking system.
In spring 2019 there is a big Update for the Blogger-Szene. We upgrade to WordPress 5.0 and the new Gutenberg-Editor. Furthermore we refresh our content management systems from PHP Version 5.6 to Version 7.

Mercedes-Benz Passion Blogs

Oktober 2018

Photo shoot with talented Instagram models in our own studio with subsequent image editing, composing and social media campaign. Preparations for familiarization trips 2019 for tourist service providers (hotel chains, tourism companies, tour operators). (Example picture is beta)

Foto-Shoot Social Media KampagneFoto-Shoot Social Media Kampagne

September 2018

The production of the MOVE and CRUISE 2019 has begun, along with everything involved. Coordination with clients and partners, Art and Creative Direction, corrections, pre-press releases and scheduling. By now, everyone involved is experienced enough to guarantee a routine process. Over the past years, the reach of the MOVE and CRUISE campaigns have improved a lot.

MOVE Produktion mit Insta-Influencerin
MOVE Produktion with an Insta-Influencer

MOVE Kampagne 2019
MOVE Campaign 2019

August 2018

Robin Raymann has finished his education as management assistant in marketing communications. We attribute the very good diploma to his abilities to find the right café with Wi-Fi connection even under stress abroad, in order to complete all appointments and tasks just in time. Congratulations!

Robin Raymann
Robin Raymann

Robin Raymann @work
Robin Raymann @work

July 2018

Featured social media campaign for the reopening of "The Chedi Luštica Bay"y" Montenegro. The resort near Kotor and Tivat was planned and realized by the Orascom Group. For the campaign, blog articles, Facebook and Instagram postings were created and shared on various channels.

The Cedi Lustica Bay
The Cedi Lustica Bay
The Cedi Lustica Bay
The Cedi Lustica Bay